The Braid the Ladder Project was inspired by survivors like

When "Vanessa" fled to a local domestic violence shelter she gained a wealth of support.  The shelter would have liked to provide her with necessities for everyday living. Unfortunately, many domestic violence shelters have barely enough to keep the doors open.  Anything above that comes from the kindness of organized groups and individuals from the community. 

Vanessa was a thankful recipient of such kindness.  The donation closet was filled with soaps, lotions, baby powder, shampoo and conditioner.  Of immediate need to Vanessa were hair care products, especially those for ethnic hair. The following morning she would need to appear in court, meet with the children's teachers, find a new landlord, and go to work appearing as professional as she had the day before. 

Like many African-American persons, mainstream hair care products tended to be less than effective for styling and grooming.  Unfortunately we were not able to find any in that closet. The special texture of African-American hair calls for equally special styling products.  For instance, hair oil is a must-have moisturizer for many persons of color but can ruin a hairstyle for persons with a different texture. 

In this season of the Braid the Ladder Project we would like to ask members of the community to donate hair care products and we are making a special appeal for ethnic hair care products. These gifts will go to the women and children in local domestic violence shelters.  We need the help of the community and here is what we ask:

  • Ask the beauty supply store that you frequent to donate small  samples.             


  • Appeal to your friends, family, colleagues and churches, civic clubs, and other organizations for donations.


  • No more secrets. Spread the word about the Braid the Ladder Project and domestic violence.


BLP encourages everyone to gain education about domestic violence and this can be done by contacting your local shelter. 

Please note that most shelters are in need of  financial support and additional products & services.

Thank You!

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